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The Ultimate Digital
Trading Platform

The Ultimate Digital Trading Platform

Future Focused

The future-focused GZ Energy, never satisfied with stagnation, has developed innovative software that has irrevocably altered compliance credit trading. GZX, a digital trading platform, enables market participants to freely and discreetly trade RINs, CA LCFS, and OR CFP credits without the participation of a broker. Its advantages and features were designed to provide market participants with a modern way in which to efficiently transact compliance credits for physical settlement.

The digitalized market made available by
GZX provides traders with enormous benefits:

Secure trading, 24/7

Direct, discreet, and broker-free transactions

Full control over order flow

All working orders are fresh and firm; readily transactable

Lower transaction fees than traditional brokerage services

Market efficiency

Fast trade matching

Time optimization

Centralized marketplace

Price discovery

Easy user adaptability to potential regulatory trade reforms

Extractable data to streamline back-office, risk, and compliance needs

Fee Structure*

Buy (USD)Sell(USD)
Separated Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs)
Cellulosic Biofuels (D3, D7)no fee$0.0007per rin
Biomass-based Diesel (D4)no fee$0.0007per rin
Advanced Biofuels (D5)no fee$0.0007per rin
Renewable Fuel (D6)no fee$0.0005per rin


California LCFS Credits$0.15$0.15per credit
Oregon CFP Credits$0.15$0.15per credit

*Note: Fees are only applied to filled trades.

Subscription Fee: $0.00 per month

Fee Structure*

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*Note: Fees are only applied to filled trades.

Subscription Fee: $0.00 per month