About GZX

The New Standard in Compliance Credit Trading

GZX by GZX Software, LLC is an industry-leading, custom-built electronic trading platform that eliminates market friction and ushers in a new era of compliance credit trading for separated (K2) Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs), California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits, and Oregon Clean Fuels Program (CFP) credits. The platform’s advantages and features were designed by a former trader to provide market participants with a modern way in which to efficiently transact compliance credits for physical bilateral settlement off platform.

Take Control of Your Trading

  •  Broker and Frustration Free. Spend less time managing voice brokered orders and more time on value-added initiatives.
  • Find Opportunities Fast. GZX provides market participants with a centralized and transparent platform in which to efficiently transact with live orders.
  • Keep Your Intentions Private. Manage trades from start to finish and take back control of your trading strategies.
  • Retain More Profit. Greater market insight and lower transaction fees mean more profit for you!
  • Subscribe and Start. Fast onboarding process and an intuitive user interface provides an enjoyable trading experience.

“Our ultimate goal is to be the single most used platform for compliance credit trading.”

Meet Garret Zarembo

My career in the renewable fuels industry – both as a trader and broker – has given me a rare perspective on the nuances of the market and inspired me to find a way to modernize the industry. Guided by this vision, I developed GZX, the new standard in RIN, CA LCFS, and OR CFP compliance credit trading, and the only platform created by a former trader, for traders.

Garret Zarembo Founder GZX

The Ultimate Emissions Trading Platform

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