What is GZX?  

GZX by GZX Software, LLC is an innovative software as a service (“GZX software”) that enables renewable fuel market participants to freely and discreetly match with buyers and sellers of separated (K2) Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs), California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits, and Oregon Clean Fuels Program (CFP) credits without the participation of a broker.

Who can access GZX?  

Access to GZX is limited to end-user and merchants (and their authorized users) of a listed product or a commodity related to a listed product, subject to GZX Software, LLC’s approval.

Where is GZX accessible?  

The login portal is accessible here.

How are transactions settled?  

Counterparties match on the GZX software and transactions are executed bilaterally, off the GZX software and must be physically settled. Physical settlement includes the transfer of ownership between counterparties through an electronic ledger or similar system (examples include: EMTS, LRT-CBTS, and CFP-CBTS).

How do I approve potential counterparties?  

You will only match with counterparties that you have approved within the GZX software. Approval is done on a commodity-by-commodity basis. In order to match, your counterparty must approve you as well.

Does GZX disclose my identity to the market?  

No. All orders and trades are anonymous. Neither a user nor a potential counterparty will know the other’s identity with respect to specific bids or offers until they are matched, at which point both counterparties will receive a trade recap with details of the transaction and counterparty. Again, you will only match with mutually approved counterparties on a company and product basis.

What order and trade details are disclosed to the market?  

The following details will be made available to every market participant for each order and trade: generator lists (if any); product type; generation year; price; transfer; volume; and trade time stamp. User and company identities are not disclosed to the market.

I can only accept certain RIN generators. Can I indicate which ones?  

Yes. You have the opportunity to designate which RIN generators that you accept for each product, if any. This information is modifiable at any time and reviewable prior to order placement or transaction.

What do you mean orders are “fresh” and “firm”; readily transactable?  

It means that any buy or sell order is live and transactable if it’s on the GZX software. It will remain so until filled, expired, or canceled. There is no ambiguity as to whether or not an order is still available for transaction.

What are the transaction fees and subscriptions?  

Fees are listed on the software platform. Transaction fees are only applied to filled trades. During the introductory period, there are no subscription fees, but fees are subject to change.

What data is extractable?  

Each user can download their order book via .csv files. This can help streamline operations, risk, and compliance needs.

How can GZX optimize my time?  

The GZX software provides an abundant amount of market data along with anonymity and efficiency. There is less need for information gathering from multiple sources as the GZX software is a centralized platform. There is no back and forth needed with voice-brokers nor is there any ambiguity as to your trade intentions. Each user controls their order book and trades as they see fit. Users can also set the “good-until” feature to optimize their time.

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?!  

It’s simple, request access here and we’ll be in touch shortly!

For further information, please contact us!

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